The Steam Cleaning Process of Your Carpet

If your home carpet has recently incurred some stubborn stains, you actually want to consider steam cleaning it. Steam cleaning your carpet is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of stains and dirt as of today, so if you have used all of your cleaning methods, it might be that steam cleaning is the thing you have been longing for. The following are some of the few steps on how to steam clean your home carpet:

1. Have a Carpet Steamer at Home

Prior to starting dealing with the stains of your carpet, you will be required to have a high-quality carpet steamer. As a matter of fact, most steamers come with very expensive prices therefore, it is a good idea for you to just rent one instead. Virtually, all home improvement specialty shops and hardware stores rent out carpet steamers in a very reasonable costs, so you will not have to worry having one in your home for a carpet steaming project. As an extra bonus, the accompanying cleaning agents you will be needing for the task have to be included with the rental. Prior to renting, it is somehow recommended that you do online research on the most effective and high-quality brands of steamers to make sure that you will rent the best one and get the most of your money.

2. Prepare the Carpet for the Steam Cleaning Procedure

Now that you have rented a carpet steamer, you will require to prepare the carpet. Start this method by providing your carpet with a thorough vacuuming. Once you have taken care of the areas that are soon-to-be-steamed, apply the pre-spray carpet agent to the dirty areas of the carpet.

3. Prepare the Carpet Steamer

Now that you have done a pre-steamer cleaning procedure on your stained carpet, you are now ready to start the carpet steaming process proper. First, fill the hose or the reservoir of the carpet steamer with hot water. To effectively battle the carpet stains, you should use an extremely hot water however, it does not need to be boiling. Then, refer to the instruction manual of the carpet steamer in order to know the appropriate steps of applying the carpet shampoo. Some carpet steamers need you to incorporate the shampoo into it, while some need you to put the shampoo directly onto the carpeted area you wish to steam.

4. Start the Carpet Steaming Properly

Having made all the needed preparations, it is now time to start the cleaning proper of the carpet. Refer to the carpet steamer’s manual in order to know the correct steps for the job. Turn the device on and forcefully run it across the carpeted floor, paying very close to the obviously stained spots. Once the carpet has been totally cleaned, let it dry overnight prior to letting the guests to step on it again. Open the windows in order to speed up the drying process. To know more processes involving carpet cleaning, contact a professional Charlottesville VA rug cleaner.